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Benefits of Playground Equipment

A playground provides the environment needed for children to engage in elements that develop key cognitive, social and physical skills. How children play, or their patterns of play, reinforce the importance of having a mixture of playground equipment that encourages an assortment of play behaviours.

Playgrounds offer the opportunity for children of different ages to learn from and help one another. Children will often copy or learn from older children or older children may help younger children—boosting them up while they are climbing, helping them on and off the equipment, encouraging them not to be scared, and offering to help them down from the top of a tall structure. These mixed-age social interactions are an important part of children's social experiences on the playground.

Playground equipment provides numerous opportunities for kids to participate in unstructured, active play. This type of play enables kids to move freely, interact with others and explore the world on their own, helping them develop many skills in the process. Here are just some of the developmental benefits of playground equipment:

1. Boosts Physical Skills

2. Gets Kids Outside to Develop Their Senses

3. Builds Strength

4. Teaches Social Skills

5. Stimulates the Imagination

6. Develops Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

7. Fosters Independence

For more information about our play equipment, contact us today or visit our website. If you’d like to learn more about playground activities that help child development, check out our blog.


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