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Kids Outdoor Play Equipment for Enjoyment

Even as the days get more limited and the climate gets colder, it's still similarly significant for youngsters to get outside every day for some activity and a touch of natural air. The most ideal approach to do this is to combine it with play! However, with the goal for them to take advantage of the outdoor play equipment in their local park or school playground throughout the year, it should have the option to withstand these changes in weather and temperature without compromising on security.

Here’s some of our favourite outdoor playground equipment Kochi that is sure to keep kids entertained and active whatever the weather.

Tube slides

Slides can give endless fun for children of all ages, and there’s no reason for rain to stop anyone’s play! By investing in a multi-play unit that highlights both an uncovered slide and a tube slide, play won't ever be compromised. In addition to the fact that they protect against the components, cylindrical slides can be either straight or bent. This gives an additional element of fun in both daylight and showers.

Outdoor play instruments

At the point when the climate is especially terrible, and the ground is wet or cold,  it can be tempting to head indoors. Interactive play equipment, however, provides safe outdoor play all year long and is particularly ideal for school playgrounds. Our scope of open-air play instruments permits youngsters to really communicate their thoughts through play. 

Covered furniture and play equipment

For older children who are hoping to mingle more than play, covered furniture offers a spot to sit with companions while being shielded from the breeze and rain. Not only are these shelters perfect for the winter months, but they can also provide some much-needed shade during the summer as well.

Wet pour rubber surfacing

When ensuring your playground is weather-proof and winter-proof, the surfacing is similarly pretty much as significant as the play equipment itself. Our wet pour rubber safety surfacing is made using recycled bonded rubber to make a permeable surface that makes puddles more averse to shape. It is likewise slip-safe and non-rough, limiting the danger of injury if accidents do happen.

Our playground surfacing is available in a range of colours. And, with options to add games like hopscotch and snakes and ladders, you can make this functional necessity part of the fun too!

With years of experience in the supply of outdoor play equipment, at Bullfinch play we are committed to helping schools, local communities and housing developers create outstanding playgrounds where fun and safety go hand in hand. For more information about how we can help you create a playground, visit our site or get in touch today on +91 99477 19447 or email bullfinchplay@gmail.com or  info@bullfinchplay.com


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