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Playground Equipment for Children Between Ages 2 TO 5

Little Adventurers aged 2 to 5 years of age are additionally referred to as babies or preschool-matured youngsters. They are new to the playground and will require a region that is actually testing however measured only for them. Play areas should offer challenges  for example, inclines, passages and slides yet ought not surpass a 60" tallness. Play activities that promote socialization  and fine engine aptitudes are an absolute necessity for this age gathering. Consider including both themed and fine motor based activity panels to upgrade those aptitudes. Grown-up oversight is critical for safe play for babies. Play regions ought to have great views from all points. 

Our commercial playground equipment for kids 2 to 5 years of age are intended to empower kid improvement as well as promote best practices in outdoor play and learning. Adventure playground systems manufactured using the highest quality materials that provide maximum safety and durability for your little kids. In addition, each system meets or exceeds all guidelines. Our group of play specialists is eager to make your fantasy playground so reach us with any inquiries you may have!

Consider a playground equipment for preschool-aged children that includes the following:


Search for stepping stools that are single documents with a 50 to 75 degree slant and a track width of 12" to 21" and vertical ascent of under 9". This gives more security in case of falls, likewise it will urge kids to clutch a handrail if necessary and alternate passing.


Slides help preschool-matured kids learn equilibrium and gross engine aptitudes. Anyway straight slides ought not surpass 30 degrees.


Little ones will figure out how to navigate a spiral slide for the most part by 26 months however they should turn 360 degrees or less at a 30 Degree slant or less. 


Activity panels arrive in a huge assortment of alternatives. Search for those that advance fine engine aptitudes and sensational play to enhance your site. 


Look for stairs less than a 35 degree incline and a vertical ascent of under 9". This will urge kids to clutch a handrail if necessary, alternate, and give more wellbeing in case of falls. 


Ideal for a 4 to 5 year old's first foray into overhead ascending, horizontal ladders ought to be not exactly or equivalent to 60" high and adjoining rungs of overhead ladders ought to be more prominent than 9 inches.


Perfect for children 4 to 5 years old, rung ladders should have 75-90 degree slope.

Design your playground for 2- To 5-year-olds with adventure play equipment systems. Babies and preschool-matured youngsters need an assigned play zone planned particularly for their necessities. At adventure play equipment  systems, we offer the age-appropriate equipment you need for your facility’s littlest adventurers to enjoy a protected, snicker filled day of play.

Our play experts ensure that each product will keep children  protected and dynamic.  Look over our array of preschool-aged commercial playground equipment, or contact us today at  +91 99477 19447 to learn about our custom playground solutions. Our experienced adventure play equipment experts will work with you to plan, design and install the playground your community’s children  have been longing for.


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