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7 Most Desirable outdoor for Children by Bullfinchplay

Play is an essential part in development of a child be it physical, emotional, social or intellectual. Whether the child is playing in a playground, on the X-box, iPad or inside the house with his or her toys, it tells us a great deal about them, if we only pay attention to it. So what are we looking at? And what should you generally look for..?


7 Most Desirable outdoor play for Children…..


Play in any form whether indoor or outdoor is good for children and each type has its own advantage. Play is the medium for a child to express himself. From an infant to a 6 year old to a teenager….its the best way of self-expression and learning.


Diane Ackerman says : “ Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning ”.

Outdoor Play is more desirable as it strongly impacts the physical and mental health of children. Life in an urban setup make outdoor play less accessible for children due to space and time constraints. Here are few points mentioning how children can enjoy and benefit most with few play equipment and less space.


Swings  :  Swings are one of the best play equipment’s that enhances the physical tone and equilibrium reactions (Balance) of a child. Available in different forms and varieties, any linear and rotatory motion of the swing is therapeutic of all age groups. When used in the correct way, it is the easiest and best way to manage hyperactivity and aggression.


Sand  :  Think of your childhood and you would remember the sand hills and castles! Sand is like a tonic of tactile processing. It’s a great medium to enhance the fine coordination and hand functions


Slides  :  " Who reaches the top of the slide first ?” ; “ Can you climb a slide from its slope rather than the steps ?” “ Mom, Look over here ! We can both slide together ! ” Slides are amazing play for kids. Working in their gross muscles and coordination, it can be used in a variety of games and enhances creativity.


SEE- SAW  :  “ See Saw goes up, See Saw goes down, Its fun to be up and its fun to be down”. This is up and down movement is fun for kids. Not only improves physical endurance and balance, but also promotes social interaction and communication skills in children.


CLIMBING ROPES AND HANGING BARS.  :  Found presently in different forms and complexities, these bars are efficient in building stamina and adventurous spirit !


MERY GO ROUNDS  :  One of the oldest outdoor play equipment, it is still one of the favorites among children. The recent modifies version with seating facility are really good and can be used for toddlers as well. Like swings, it enhances balance and muscle tone in children.


SWIMMING AND WATER POOLS  :  Water is great therapeutic medium of all age groups. Children love to be in water and this makes swimming a highly desirable and recommended outdoor play activity.

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